April Launch/Vacation Info

Hey everyone! The April Launch includes:

The Spectral Files

Bump in the Night

Far From Camelot

Little Rabbit

Why Choose

Winter's Orbit

Launch Bundles are up for preorder from 4/26 at 7am - 5/5 at roughly 5pm. If this is your first time shopping with us, know that Launch Bundles are a way to get a deeper discount on the 4oz Luxury Tins for the new launch! *Art candles are not included in the Bundles.

Limited Edition preorders are up 4/26 at 7am - 5/11 at roughly 5pm. These are only the LIMITED EDITION style (full art with no text over it and numbered), not the Luxury Tins or Wax Melts. Once the preorder is over, that's it.

Guess what?

I'm actually on vacation from 4/26-5/12.

What does this mean for you?

It means that I'm actually giving you a longer preorder than usual! The way Launches work is they usually go for a long weekend, and then I tally the numbers and get everything ordered. Then I can start pouring the next weekend. This time, the preorder's are going for longer since I wont be here to start pouring right away!

Basically, order like usual, but suspend the 3-6 week processing time until 5/12. Not that I usually need the whole 6 weeks, so really I'll just be on the later side of the usual processing time. Obviously the hold on being able to pour and process anything has to wait until I'm back, so it's not just about the launch candles.

If you're only ordering prints, I should be able to start printing and shipping in the first weekend, unless I somehow end up needing to order more supplies to meet the needs!

Just be patient with me, friends, because I really need the vacation. It's 4 years late.

Thank you for your patience and your support,