Author Enquiries

Have you never done this before? Not sure what you need?

Just know, my bookish candles were created to show my love for books and to support authors like you. I've found myself in an amazing community, and I'd love to share that support to others. So, if you love candles like I do, and you'd love to have custom candles inspired by your books, read below to find the option that fits what you're looking for!

Option 1: Are you looking to get merch to sell or giveaway?
Fill out the Custom Bulk Request on my website (found under Customs in the main menu). This is ideal if you're looking to get quite a few to either resell or for whatever you want! Authors also use this for book boxes. You design a custom candle with me, and I give you a discount on a bulk order; the more you get the more the discount is! 
Option 2: Do you just want to make it available to your readers without having to deal with reselling? OR do you just want a couple?
Again, go to the Custom form, but NOT the bulk option. It's the same process, but you can select to have your custom be Shareable. This means that after we've finished the custom for you (which you would actually receive before I put it on the website), you can let your readers know where they can also get one! You can find other Shared Customs on my website as well from the main menu, if you'd like to see what that looks like.
Option 3: Would you rather go through a launch?

Basically, your candle would come out during a launch. While the biggest perk is this option is FREE, and I'm still absolutely willing to do the designing of the candle with you, it will have to wait until I have a launch spot free. I tend to plan ahead, so usually I have a few launches already set up. This option is really best if you’re not on a time crunch.

My normal processing time is 3-6 weeks: this includes designing, scent testing, pouring and curing, finishing touches and packing. Please allow for this time when making your request.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask!