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Sanctum Flames

Launch Bundle

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Three 4oz Luxury Tins of your choice from the New Releases!

Launch Bundles are a great way to get the 4oz Luxury Tins at a discount for a limited time! Available for Pre-Order 2/17-2/24 ONLY. 


February Launch Candles:

FAR FROM NEVERLAND: Amber Noir | Leather | True North

*Inspired by Rylee Hale

STAR RATING: Champagne Toast | My Opinion

RELIC: Sea Salt | Orchids | From Another Time

*Inspired by Maz Maddox

REREAD: Blueberry Cobbler | Return to Favorites

SIZE DIFFERENCE: Peppermint | Hot Cocoa | Protected

LITTLE DEVIL: Caramel | Vanilla Coffee | Good Girl Gone Bad

*Inspired by Bethany Winters


You can only choose 3 different options, you cannot double up within a single bundle. For a more in-depth look at the scent profiles, please see their individual product page. If for some reason you're unable to select the options you want, DM me on instagram @sanctumflames and I'll fix it!

Please be aware that Launch Bundles will only be available for preorder on 2/17-2/24. 

Candle Sizing Info

All Candles: 100% Soy wax. Toxin and phthalate-free wax dye. All fragrance oils are infused with natural essential oils. Crackle-boosting wooden wick.

Limited Edition: Straight-sided, matte black glass with matte black lid. Label on side with full artwork and writing on the side. Height: 3.53", Diameter: 2.98". These vessels may change once in a while!

12oz Luxury Tin: Straight-sided, bronze finish, seamless. Label on side. Height: 3.5", Diameter 3.45"

6oz Tin: Silver, round. Label on lid. Height: 1.65", Diameter: 2.81"

4oz Luxury Tin: Straight-sided, bronze finish, seamless. Label on side. Height: 2.25", Diameter: 2.28"

Wax Melt: 6 melt clamshell.

Candle Care

  • Trim your wick to 1/4"-1/8" before each burn.
  • Let wax melt to edge every time to avoid tunneling.
  • Burn on safe, stable, and flame resistant surface.
  • Do not burn near pets or children.
  • Do not burn for more that 4 hours at a time.
  • Once lit, glass and wax will be hot. Use caution when touching or moving the candle. 

Room Size

Please keep in mind what size room you're lighting your candle in. Our 8oz candles are ideal for a small living area or large bedroom, or smaller.