4oz Luxury Tins & Limited Edition Vessel UPDATES


All orders from the February Launch have been poured and are currently curing. Expecting to ship 3/30-4/1.


Limited Edition vessels have been restocked! I'll be pouring all current orders ASAP! 


4OZ HAVE BEEN ORDERED! I’ll be pouring all 4oz ordered ASAP! Thank you for your patience!

Limited Edition vessels currently say 3/15 estimate!


If you've preordered during the February Launch, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seriously, you're my hero. Now, for the update! The expected date that the 4oz & Limited Edition vessels went back to expected in-stock 3/8. This still works well for my expected shipping timeframe of end of March/early April.

I hope you'll see it how I do, like any bookish company with preorders, sometimes delays happen, but you will get your order. I appreciate your patience.


I've been keeping a close eye on the 4oz Luxury Tins & Limited Edition Glass Vessels, and I have good news! For a little while, the expected date was pushed out to 3/8, which still would have worked, but as of 2/9, they are now expected 3/1! 

I think the moved up date is a good sign, because that tells me they got updated information themselves! I was also in contact with a consultant with the company, and they told me they'd let me know of any changes and when they're in stock.

This will work well with the upcoming preorder for Limited Edition and Bundles on 2/17-2/24! As a reminder, I'm giving a full week to preorder this time, to allow for the slightly longer than usual wait. I appreciate your understanding!

Updated: 1/12

If you've seen my updates on Instagram, you know my distributor is currently OUT OF STOCK on all 4oz Luxury Tins. They had an estimate of being in stock 1/12, so I'm hopeful they'll be back soon. With the launch being 1/13, it was hard to know how this would work out.

This left me with a hard choice though. Originally I was going to do a separate launch just for the 4oz, but I've decided otherwise.

I'll be making the 4oz available to order. This is most beneficial for anyone who wants to order MORE than just the 4oz's, this way you can add them in with the rest of your order for the flat rate shipping.

If you're ONLY getting Launch Bundles or single 4oz Luxury Tins, please note that I will make them ASAP - basically as soon as I can order I will. You're also welcome to wait and watch for when I announce my distributor has them back in stock!