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Sanctum Flames

12oz Bundle

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Choose any THREE 12oz Luxury Tins

Choose from this list (any 3, no duplicates) - write your selection in the comment box at checkout. If there are label options, make sure to specify which one you want!

Tropes, Genres & Pet Names

Slow Burn: Incense | Amber | Long Journey 

Forced Proximity: Creme Brulee | One Bed | On The Run

Good Boy: Currants | Sandalwood | Praise

You Like That, Pet? (Male or Female): Raspberries | Chocolate | Obedience

Second Chance Romance: Pear | Champagne | New Beginnings

Brutal Angst: Sea Salt | Sandalwood | Tears & Pining

Monster Romance: Pumpkin | Caramel | Otherwordly

Dark Romance: Tobacco | Oud | Trigger Warning

Enemies to Lovers (Moody or Funny): Blood Orange | Black Currant | Tension

Friends to Lovers: Maple Pancakes | Chocolate | Haven

Bi Awakening: Citrus Grove | Ginger | Knowing

Omegaverse (Forest or Human): Pine | Blackberries | Breed

It's Forbidden: Apple Cider | Snickerdoodle | Taboo

Grumpy Sunshine: Lemongrass | Lime & Citrus | Opposites

Small Town Romance: Coffee | Cream & Sugar | Community

Step Brother (MM label option): Flannels | Crisp Air | It's A Secret

Age Gap: Amber | Dark Musk | Temptation

ROMANCE (Label options): Sea Salt | Sandalwood & Citrus | Love

MOTORCYCLE CLUB: Cedar | Patchouli & Bergamot | Brothers

LITTLE RABBIT: Forrest | Chai

WHY CHOOSE?: Cashmere | Plum | All or None

Broken Boy: Fog | Fern | In Need

Make it Hurt: Midnight Leather | Clove | Begging

Thank you, Sir: Yuzu Blossom | On My Knees

TOXIC: Amaretto | Vanilla | Mine


Inspired by Books

Ashlyn Drewek

Malum Discordiae: Clove | Apple & Cinnamon | Family Feuds

Igni Ferroque: Honey | Tea | Prince of Hell

Land of the Dead: Pomegranate | Frankincense & Myrrh | Lost Souls


Bethany Winters

Dirty Love: Evergreens | Amber | Touch Him And Die

LITTLE DEVIL: Caramel | Vanilla Coffee | Good Girl Gone Bad


Eryn Hawke

C'karuucha: Moonflower Nectar

Reuben & Vo'ak: Coconut | Woods | Trust


Fae Quin

Haden: Underworld | Control Freak | Weak for Him

Percy: Stubborn | Omega | Survivor

The Devil Takes: Cranberry | Forbidden Fruit | Temptation

Possess Me: Moonlit Waters | Sea Salt | I Found You

Luca: Lemon Cake | Sadness | Optimism

Prudence: Coral | Black Currant | Pessimism

There's a Monster in the Woods: Pine | Pumpkin | Requited Love

Ellis (Color or B&W): Pumpkin Soufflé | Gingerbread | The Sacrifice

Styx (Color or B&W): Pine | Apples | The Monster

You Can Count On Me: Tree Farm | Alpine Balsam | Patience

Miles & Trent: Pumpkin Spice Buttercream | Cookies | Cow Print

Let Your Hearts Be Light: Hot Cocoa | Cinnamon Stick | Perspective

Baxter & Trent: Warm Gingersnaps | Ice Cream | Baking


Gregory Ashe

Hazard & Somerset (Summer or Fall): Sea Breeze | Amber & Coconut | Partners

Hollow Folk (Night or Autumn): Apples | Juniper | Mortal Sleep

Terminator in Booty Shorts: Blueberries | Lemon Scones | Holmes


Lexi Blake

Ian Taggart: Lemon | Absinthe | Master Gossip

Sanctum (NSFW & SFW): Leather | Mahogany | Power Exchange

McKay-Taggart Security: Lemon Cake | Strawberry | Masters & Mercenaries


Lily Mayne

Monstrous: Wild Berries | Dry Gin & Cypress | Tear Between Worlds

Soul Eater: Black Amber | Musk & Smoke | Telyth

Edin: Leather | Teakwood | Isdernuc

The Rycke: Ocean Breeze | Lemon | Ultimate Dichotomy

Gloam: Cedarwood | Amber | Aytorin

Moth: Mandarin | Sage | Slayer

Seraph (Moody or Cozy): Fallen Leaves | Vetiver | Subject 01

LOR(Cozy or Moody): Lavender | Embers | Royal Vint

Ruke (Inside & Outside label options): Rain Water | Grass | Shiya

Folk: White Sage | Lavender | Fae Trickery

Lonan: Noble Pine | Winter Bonfire | Holly King

Ash: Spiced Apples | Cinnamon | Drachsmith


Lily Mayne & Nikole Knight

Whispers in the Dark: Toasted Marshmallow | Bonfire | Black Oasis

BUMP IN THE NIGHT: Rosemary & Thyme | Snow | Black Oasis


Nyla K

For the Flames: Amber | Bergamot & Sugar | Avi's Candle

Distorted: Ice Cream | Cotton Candy | Hallucination

Joyless: Cherries | Saffron & Cedar | Control

Brainwashed: Sea Minerals | Dahlias | Possession

Fragments: Fire | Smoke | Jealousy

Push: Rose Water | Forbidden | Awakening

Trouble: Sunflowers | Leather | Mine


Rylee Hale

Echoes: Oak | Vanilla & Spice | Past Lives

FAR FROM NEVERLAND: Amber Noir | Leather | True North

FAR FROM CAMELOT: Incense | Patchouli | Destined


S.E. Harmon

SPECTRAL FILES: Sea Salt | Wood Sage | The Dead Speak

Kit & Ethan (Waterfall or Aztec): Rainforest | Epic Adventure


Skyler Snow & Brea Alépou

Take Me Apart: Santal | Cashmere | The Killer

Paid In Full: Strawberries & Cream | Amber Musk | Puppy Handler

Say I Do: Coconut | Sandalwood | The Boss

Never Say Never: Cashmere | Sea Salt | Undercover


Single Candle Authors 

(Brooke Matthews) Bandit: Hot Apple Pie | Sassy | Villain

(Louise Collins) The Monster & The Magpie: Mahogany | Teakwood | Compromise

(Eliot Schrefer) The Darkness Outside Us (Moody or Happy): Red Moss | Ginger Saffron | Minerva

(Maz Maddox) RELIC: Sea Salt | Orchids | From Another Time

(Nicky James) VALOR & DOYLE: Honey Pear Granola | Musk | Anchor

(Jay Kristoff) EMPIRE OF THE VAMPIRE: Cider Brandy | Leather | Sanctus

(Emmy Sanders) TO CATCH A FIREFLY: Citrus | Sandalwood | Glass Art


General Bookish

The Wild Hunt: Cedar | Redwood | Untamed

The Summer Court: Vanilla | White Oak | Seelie

The Winter Court: Night Pine | Frosted Juniper | Unseelie

The Investigator: Citrus | Bergamot & Cedar | Never Give Up

PRIDE: Peach | Mango Bellini | Brave *Make sure to specify marble colors at checkout!

Phobia: Palo Santo & Sandalwood | Vanilla | Debilitating Fear

The Alpha: Oakmoss | Amber & Santal | Protector

The Omega: Blueberry | Lavender | Treasured

STAR RATING: Champagne Toast | My Opinion

REREAD: Blueberry Cobbler | Return to Favorites

SIZE DIFFERENCE: Peppermint | Hot Cocoa | Protected

BANNED BOOKS: Green Tobacco | Uncensored


You can only choose 3 different options; you cannot double up within a single bundle. For a more in-depth look at the scent profiles, please see their individual product page. 

Make sure you tell me which 3 candles you'd like in the comments section at checkout!

Candle Sizing Info

All Candles: 100% Soy wax. Toxin and phthalate-free wax dye. All fragrance oils are infused with natural essential oils. Crackle-boosting wooden wick.

Limited Edition: Straight-sided, matte black glass with matte black lid. Label on side with full artwork and writing on the side. Height: 3.53", Diameter: 2.98". These vessels may change once in a while!

12oz Luxury Tin: Straight-sided, bronze finish, seamless. Label on side. Height: 3.5", Diameter 3.45"

6oz Tin: Silver, round. Label on lid. Height: 1.65", Diameter: 2.81"

4oz Luxury Tin: Straight-sided, bronze finish, seamless. Label on side. Height: 2.25", Diameter: 2.28"

Wax Melt: 6 melt clamshell.

Candle Care

  • Trim your wick to 1/4"-1/8" before each burn.
  • Let wax melt to edge every time to avoid tunneling.
  • Burn on safe, stable, and flame resistant surface.
  • Do not burn near pets or children.
  • Do not burn for more that 4 hours at a time.
  • Once lit, glass and wax will be hot. Use caution when touching or moving the candle. 

Room Size

Please keep in mind what size room you're lighting your candle in. Our 8oz candles are ideal for a small living area or large bedroom, or smaller.